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Always take care of yourself first!! Just know we’ll be here whenever you decide to come back. :)

thank you sweetie <3 you’re really nice.

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i think i’m gonna take some days off of tumblr, maybe a week, maybe more idk. I used to enjoy being here a lot more before, now it’s just tiring

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The goofiest moments from our 5 seconds of summer interview

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ashton be like

"shut up i’m fabulous

luke be like 'yAS'


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Anonymous asked:

oh i was so confused for a moment about your michael post but then i realized you weren't talking about the word fuck it makes sense now and yeah people shouldn't unfollow you just because you stated your opinion

yeah, well, people can do whatever they want really. If someone feels like not following me, that’s okay (I really don’t understand why people follow me in the first place haha). 

I never said Michael is problematic or a bad person. I still like him, I still think he’s a good guy who made a bad decision. 

I told my friend Meghan this: “it’s like when I tell Thiago (my nephew) that some things he says are NOT OKAY AT ALL. Do I hate him? NO. Is it okay that I point out what he did wrong? YES. Do I love him? WITH ALL MY FRICKING HEART AND EXISTENCE”

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black and gold

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+ / +

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Anonymous asked:

what happened with 5sos that all of this happened?

i’m sorry but i don’t want to talk about this. You can check on my older posts and it’s all there. 

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this is so important to me


How can you be real?

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